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Jordan Gascoigne

Jordan Gascoigne 
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Jordan Makes Medicare Easy:

  • Aging into Medicare? Medicare after Disability?
  • How to Sign up for Medicare?
  • Working Past Age 65?
  • Comparing My Current Employers Health Insurance Plan to Medicare?
  • Veterans Benefits and Medicare Supplements?
  • Annual Medicare Review of Your Current Plans?
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Independent Medicare & Health Insurance Broker Licensed in MN & WI
We are contracted with all the top insurance carriers, but we work FOR YOU!

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I NEVER CHARGE FEES to my clients! I am an Independent Medicare & Health Insurance Broker contracted with all the top insurance carriers serving all of Minnesota & Wisconsin, providing Medicare & Health Insurance expertise.

Specializing in:

  • Medicare Supplements
  • Medicare Advantage Plans 
    • including Medicare Savings Accounts
  • Medicare Drug Plans
  • Individual & Family Health Insurance for all ages 
    • MNsure broker
  • Travel Insurance
  • Short-Term Medical Insurance
  • Health Sharing Plans
  • Dental Insurance
  • Pet Insurance
  • Life Insurance
  • Referrals to other Trusted Financial Advisors and Insurance Agents

Service Area:

  • Licensed and works in all of Minnesota & Wisconsin
  • Lives in the Twin Cities

Who is Jordan:

I have been working with seniors over 11 years as a Nursing Assistant because I absolutely love how I feel after helping people. While working in Nursing, I went to school and received a bachelor’s degree in business from Winona State University and worked in Human Resources at a Senior Living Community for a few years with over 400 employees! I was responsible for all the hiring and health insurance benefits. Now my full-time job for the last couple years has been working in Medicare and Health Insurance and I absolutely love it!

Helping people to navigate the confusing Medicare and Health Insurance maze is so rewarding! I am independent and work with all the top insurance carriers so I can find a plan to meet each individual clients’ specific needs.

In my free time I love spending time with my 14-year-old chocolate Labrador Lacie, my fiancé Dillon, my niece Blake and nephew William, traveling, motorcycling, snowboarding, gardening, exercising, dancing, and anything involving being on the move! I am your local Medicare Broker and cannot wait to meet you!

Medicare FAQs:

Who can help me in choosing my Medicare Health Insurance Supplement or Part D Rx Plan? 

  • That’s where Jordan Gascoigne your local broker at Supplement Plan Advisor’s Insurance Agency of  Twin Cities, MN comes in! Medicare does not cover everything, so people get supplement insurance to cover what Medicare doesn’t. Jordan’s Health Insurance Agency will guide you when/how to apply for Medicare, which Medicare Health Insurance Plans fits your needs and budget. Jordan helps you to have a seamless transition to Medicare along with a Supplement Health Insurance Plan. I can make Medicare easier to navigate so you do not make a mistake. We do not charge fees to clients; you get knowledge and guidance at NO COST. We are paid commissions by the insurance carriers we represent but, being independent brokers, we work for you!  

What is Medicare? 

  • Medicare is a federal health insurance program for:
    • People who are 65 or older 
    • Certain younger people with disabilities (Social Security Disability Income-SSDI) 
    • People with End-Stage Renal Disease (permanent kidney failure requiring dialysis or a transplant, sometimes called ESRD) 
  • Original Medicare comes in 2 parts (Parts A & B). The Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services (CMS) administers Medicare Parts A & B. CMS is an agency within the U.S. Department of Health & Human Services. Part C-Medicare Advantage and Part D-Rx Coverage are also overseen by CMS. 

When Will My Medicare Benefits Start?

  • Your Medicare benefits usually start the 1st of your birth month. The exception is if your birthday is on the 1st of the month, then you will start Medicare the 1st day of the previous month. Medicare Part A and B start after the 24th month for people on Social Security Disability Insurance (SSDI).  

How Do I Enroll in Medicare Part A and B?  

  • Our specialized Medicare health insurance agency of Twin Cities, MN can help guide you, so you do not make a mistake. If you are receiving Social Security benefits for at least 4 months before turning 65, you will be automatically enrolled in Parts A and B. Your card will be mailed to you approximately 90 days before your birth month. If you are not receiving your Social Security benefits, then you will want to apply for Medicare Part B benefits 90 days before you want your benefits to start.

What are the Parts of Medicare? 

  • Medicare Part A includes a 90-day coverage period for hospital stays, hospital inpatient surgery, medication, nursing care, food, and a semi-private room. This year (2020), the hospital deductible is $1,408 for days 1-60, days 61-90 have a $352 daily copay. The Part A Hospital deductible is a 60-day elimination deductible, not annual. Skilled Nursing Care is covered at $0 copay for the first 20 days, but days 21-100 cost $173 copay per day. It also covers Home Health and Hospice under certain conditions. If you have worked 10 years, you usually will not pay a premium for Part A.   
  • Medicare Part B includes coverage for medically necessary supplies and services, such as outpatient care, day surgery, hospital observation (up to 72 hours), ambulance services, durable medical equipment, labs, tests, procedures, chemotherapy, doctor office visits, and preventatives. There is a monthly premium associated with Part B and without supplemental coverage you will be responsible for 20% for the services named above. THIS IS THE PRIMARY REASON PEOPLE SELECT SUPPLEMENTAL COVERAGE. Part B premiums are based on your family’s income and start at $144.60 per month this year in 2020. The Part B yearly deductible is $198 in 2020.  
  • What is Medicare Advantage – Part C? Medicare Advantage Plans, sometimes called “Part C”, are plans sold through private insurance companies but overseen by Medicare CMS. Medicare Advantage plans overlay your Medicare Part A, B and D(Rx) benefits and administer your medical and drug plan. They become the primary payer instead of Original Medicare. You still pay your Medicare Part B premium, but you pay different costs and copays according to the plan choice. They are different from a Medicare Supplement. Your clinic or hospital will bill the Medicare Advantage Health plan, not Medicare. These are called an all-in-one plan because they include medical and drug coverage together. They add value such as health club memberships, dental, vision and hearing aids that original Medicare does not cover. You only need one card for medical and drug coverage.
  • What is Medicare Part D Rx coverage? It is run by private insurance companies but overseen by Medicare. Premiums vary, has an annual $445 deductible(2021), Tiered Rx copays and covers up to $4130 in 2021. You typically pair a Part D Rx plan to a Medicare Supplement Medical Health plan.   

Our main goal at Supplement Plan Advisors Agency is to help people like you! Nothing gives us more pleasure when we make our clients satisfied and can help educate them and save them money! We would love to sit down with you and find a plan to fit your budget and your lifestyle. Do not hesitate to contact us today!  

The information contained on this web page is provided for educational and informational purposes only. While we have taken every precaution to ensure that the content of this page is current and accurate, errors can occur. Supplement Plan Advisors LLC assumes no responsibility for any errors or omissions in the content of this page.  

Sources: Medicare.Gov & SSA.Gov 

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